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At Access International School Limited, We acknowledge and appreciate all our students who had been exceptionally amazing in their academics. Whether within their academic year or when writing examinations with governmental bodies coming out top in such examination. All through the year, AISL partners with companies awarding scholarships to best graduating students within the year.

This is to ensure that the students are motivated to work very hard to achieve academic excellence, the school has instituted award for academic excellence.

List of Available Scholarships

Overall Best Student

This award is given to the student overall in each level in each academic year.

Tuition Free Scholarship for 1 (One) term.

Entrance Exam Award

The best student in entrance examination each year

Up to tuition free scholarship for the first year in the school.
Please note that this scholarship is not renewable if awarded

MEC Award

This award is for the best student in the Mathematics and English Competition (MEC)

50% Tuition Free Scholarship for 1 (One) term.

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